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Perfection is impossible. But the effort to be a better Muslimah that the matters,  :)
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" If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph. "
- (via ellefin)

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Woi orang kampung.
Tak nak balik beraya keee? :3 
*terbayang kita semua berkumpul depan pintu syurga.
Bukak je, semua serbu masuk*
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" Others are being tested with difficulty while we are being tested with ease. "
- Nouman Ali Khan (via gems-from-you)

silence ~
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salam ramadan. sorry for my wrongdoings. may Allah bless all of you. pray for my best. may your ramadan be as bright as ever.


When I forget, please remind me. When I sin, tell me to repent. When I fear, tell me there is hope. When I cry over my sins, let me be. When I slip, pull me up. When I have hardship, remind me of my test. When you love me, don’t love me for me. I am nothing but a servant of Allah SWT - so love me for His sake.
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